Clubs and Activities

Art Club

Every year students from the Art Club participate in the Islamic Art Festival.
Club Lead is  Artist Sr. Farha Syed. 

Meets in Fall from 1:45 to 3:00

Writers’ Club

Masjid-as-Salam Weekend Islamic School aspires to empower our youth and provide for them a forum, by setting up a Creative Writers’ Club/Hub, where their voices are not only heard but also encouraged. A place where our future creators (read story writers, poets, artists, reporters, graphic designers, copy and content writers, editors, proofreaders, so on and so forth will let their creative juices flow, in sha Allah. Writers’ Club will be a place where young writers will learn structured ways of various forms of writing essays, poems, stories, etc. through creative and fun-filled activities. It will serve as a platform to flex the writing muscles of our writers so they let their jitters out and be able to express themselves effectively and confidently. 

Club meets every Sunday 



IT Club


Students  learn the fundamentals of IT infrastructure, the cloud, and the main focus of python programming.


Jiu-Jitsu Club

Masjid Al Salam’s Weekend Islamic School is offering a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu elective for students! This class is going to be geared towards instilling confidence and brotherhood in young boys via a true grappling art. Students benefit from greatly increased physical fitness, problem-solving ability, self-knowledge of their body and mind and the many social benefits of working within a large group of like-minded fellow students as you learn and have fun together. Open for boys age 9 and up