9th Annual Islamic Arts Festival

What is the Islamic Arts Festival?

According to the organizers, the Islamic Arts Society:

“This was the largest display of Islamic arts under one roof anywhere in America…In its 9th year, the festival has gained recognition as the oldest continuously running festival of Islamic Arts in America. People from all over America travel to Houston to attend this wonderful gathering of art and artists.”

The purpose behind it

Dr. Khawaja Azimuddin, chairman of the Islamic Arts Society, explains:

The festival is an opportunity to reach out to the American general public and inform them about the creative side of the Muslim community. We only use art from artists residing in America and Canada and we want to tell the American public that yes, this art is created by your fellow Americans, neighbors, colleagues and coworkers

– Islamic Arts Society
Our participation

Weekend Islamic School (WIS) was proud to have a booth at the 9th Islamic Arts Festival, organized annually by the Islamic Arts Society. Our students did a brilliant job; painting canvases with the colors of their imagination, dressing up in cultural clothes from all over the world, interacting with the tens of artists present there, and participating in artistic activities.

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