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If this is your FIRST time registering your child, you will need to create a New Account on the portal.


Make sure to select the right option for your child's class as follows:

- Regular classes: Pre-K (4 1/2 years and up) to Grade 8 - Choose “Saturday or Sunday School”
- Special Need Classes: (5 to 15 years) - Choose “Sakina Program”

-High School

Registration Frequently Asked Question

What are the school fees?

Annual Fee for Sunday School: $600/per child

Annual Fee for Sakina Program: $550/per child

Annual Fee for Youth Classes: $300/ per child

Annual Fee for IT Class: $200/per child
Clubs Fee per month: $40/per child

School fee chart

Is there any discount?

Available Discounts:

  • Sibling Discount: 20% of Annual Fee
  •  ISGH Membership- $50 flat rate per membership
Do you have Tuition Assistance?


Need Based Tuition Assistance * :
Adjusted Gross Income Thresholds for Tuition Assistance (AGI verified by Masjid Al-Salam
Administration Office using last year’s tax return)
For families of up to 2, less than $40K is free. 50% discount for less than $50K
For families of up to 4, less than $50K is free. 50% discount for less than $60K
For families of up to 6, less than $60K is free. 50% discount for less than $70K
For families of up to 8, less than $70K is free. 50% discount for less than $80K

*Tuition Exempt. (payment for only $100 for books, and lunch)

Please download, print, fill and scan the form below to attach with your email to the office admin at
[email protected]

ISGH Weekend Islamic School Tuition-Assistance-Application-Form

What to Bring to the Admin Office:
Please bring the Tuition Assistance-Application form with all the following documents to the Office

● Photo ID
● Social Security Card

● One Month’s pay stubs
● Most recent income tax ret

What is a student's day like at WIS?
After I register and paid in full what happens?

You should receive a welcome email (from [email protected]) within 4-5 working days

Where do I register for clubs?
Click here to register Or at the Orientation Day on August 6th
Is there a school dress code?


School dress code:

All attires that fall under the Islamic guidelines are allowed.

Islamic guidelines:
Loose: Clothes must not be skin tight/shape revealing.

Opaque: Must not be see-through.

Awrah: Boys/Men- Awrah is from Navel to Knees, while for

Girls/Women-Awrah is all
except Face and Hands


Adhering to the Islamic guidelines is a must for all students in grades three and up. However, compliance with these guidelines from younger students will be much appreciated.

Head Scarf/Hijab must be neatly worn over an under-hijab piece, covering the hairline, secured
with hijab pins. NO hair, neck, or ears should be visible.

Please avoid:
● Nail polishes
● Fake fingernails
● Jewelry
● Make-up
● Movie or cartoon characters on the garments
● Shorts, above knees for boys

*Mandatory for all Students & Staff and appreciated for all coming on campus


 If you do not receive an email or you have any other questions or concerns please write to us by filling out the Contact WIS Management.

Important Information

Sponsor Lunch

Please choose a Sunday to sponsor a lunch for the Weekend Islamic School - the cost is $350.

Dress Policy

Adhere to the dress policy

School Calendar 23-24

Click to download 2023-2024 School Year Calendar.

Early dismissal Form

Please click above for the Early Dismissal form.

Tracking & progress of students

Please log in to the SunWeb Portal to monitor your kids grades, fees balance and communications received from teachers.


All books will be provided by the school on the orientation day. Each teacher will give the list.

Allergy Policy and Form

Please click above for the School allergy policy.